Nick and I are running a 6-hour professional development workshop for five Barrington High School educators on election day. I want them to leave with the desire to make, to make something that has meaning for them no matter how simple or complex. Acting on that desire is what brings joy and wakes us up from the inside.

It is getting late on Sunday and I am trying to solve a software issue with Inkscape so I can make something. I decided to give myself the time to solve the problem and design something cool, for me. What a release, giving ourselves the time. It is what so many of us claim we don’t have enough of. And how do you think the kids in school feel? And the teachers? How is anyone supposed to really learn something without having the time to play with the concepts? To dance with the ideas? To practice?

We will succeed on Tuesday with the Barrington team if we can wake them up from the inside by giving them the time to create         designs with new tools, to connect them with their Maker Intrinsic.