Analia is a natural maker and likes to come to the South Providence library regularly with her mom and two brothers. Her mom is drawn to the library and visits several times a week because it’s a pleasant walk from their home, and it’s a relaxing and engaging place for her children. At 7 years old, Analia seems unusually at ease with being labeled a designer by the PYD Young Maker instructors.

“I like bright colors, and it comes easy to me when I have to decide how to make it look good”.

She is new to the PVD Young Makers open studio and took to the sewing station right away. In only two visits, she has already made a pink pillow and blue felt wallet with white stitching. She says, these projects are “very soft . It’s fun to make something that’s easy to do.” When asked if she had to think too much when she comes into the makerspace at South Providence, she answered, “ I have to concentrate a little bit, but it wasn’t too much. I would like to try to make something that’s harder than this pouch to make. It’s fun to come to the library a lot. I like to go to sewing every Wednesday. I like to come with my family and also get to know more people”.

She does have some advice for PVD Young Makers: “Be careful when you’re sewing.” (She doesn’t like when people get hurt.) “The needle is very sharp and it can poke you. So I had to focus on what I was doing, and that was exciting.”