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Teen Intern/Work Readiness Program

PVD Young Makers Readiness Training is ongoing from the moment the youth join our team. We expect professional behavior for them and set the expectations appropriately as we, organizationally, strive to support our youth in growing their Agency, Integrated Identity and Competencies as articulated by the University of Chicago in the Foundations for Young Adult Success. 

Knowing youth develop at different paces, our program is based on a tiered framework allowing for, and encouraging ongoing development. The intern training is comprehensive, iterative and designed to provide for  growth along a continuum with three levels which we refer to as (1) Apprentice, (2) Joureyner and (3) Mastery. To demonstrate competencies, youth present evidence of their growth and are awarded badges based on evaluation by our coaches and peers. Competencies themselves are divided into Essential Skills, which all youth are required to develop, and Technical Skills, which vary based on a youth’s career pathway of interest.

Each session has between 110-120 hours of programming/training and each granting period is conducted in the same manner to ensure consistency and quality of content.  Below is an overview of each training component:

  • Intensive Cohort Training: At the beginning of each grant period interns participate in intensive training that incorporates the following:
  • Self Assessment – Develop a Positive Future Vision (PFV). Reflect on “who am I” – values/strengths areas for growth, career interest areas, who is on my support team (friends, mentors, family). What are your goals?
    • Job Market – what are the different career pathways, what skills are required to succeed in your pathway of interest. Particular attention will be paid to pathways articulated by the State of RI as Priority Industry Sectors: Educational Services, Informational Technology, Manufacturing and Social Enterprise.
    • What Employers are looking for: Introduction to the essential skills – teamwork, communication, active listening, critical thinking. Learn what this range of skills are, why they are important and how to develop them. Skill development is reinforced through a series of role playing exercises.
    • Professionalism: What are the behavioral expectations in a workplace and how are they different based on location. Non-verbal communication (handshaking, eye-contact, etc.)
    • Technical Skill development: Interns learn to operate foundational MakerSpace equipment (basic computer literacy, sewing machines, vinyl cutters, laser cutters, heat presses etc) and progress along badging levels over time.
  • Internship Placement: All participants will be placed in interest area internships within the Providence Community Library and Providence Public Library. Throughout the course of their work they will support and/or lead student STEAM workshops for younger students/patrons.
    • Take the training “on the road”. Real life opportunity to learn, be held accountable and lead STEAM program execution.
    • Be supported in learning how to engage in a professional setting – who is in charge 
    • How to self advocate in a workplace -how/with whom to communicate when you need support or unexpected things occur
    • How to work with patrons of all ages
    • Meet a range of industry professionals and be exposed to business in your community
  • On-going Cohort/Individual Training: As part of this program interns meet every Friday in the MakerSpace at Providence Public Library (during summer for a full day and several hours after school during the school year). Topics covered over the course of each internship period include:
    • Financial literacy training
    • Industry and Community Field trips
    • Resume and cover letter writing
    • Conducting a job search 
    • The power of networking and building your social capital
    • “Marketing Me” –branding yourself professionally
      • Social media
      • Dressing for success
      • Business dining etiquette
    • Interviewing skills
    • Portfolio development and presentation/sharing (depending on development level of intern)
    • On-going technical machine/career development

Although relationships develop between all the students and staff, students are broken into smaller groups (based on connection, interest area and experience) and assigned a PVD YM staff member as their primary “coach”. Students meet with their individual coach on a regular basis to ensure support, guidance and individualized development. Part of these meetings include updating portfolios and Positive Future Vision Statements.