Photo shared by Brenda Adames

When I am creating, I completely get in the zone and lose track of time. I call this my unicorn space. This job is my unicorn job, and I don’t think I ever want to leave it.” Brenda A.

Brenda, a 2016 graduate of Northeastern University, has held positions as a Systems Engineer, Family Service Coordinator, STEM Educator and as a Graphic Designer. Her talents range from coding, design and engineering, to educating and artistry. After her latest stint of freelance graphic design work, Brenda has found herself with us here as part of the Fab Team.

She has a background in Industrial Engineering and Systems Operations and previously taught STEAM at Boston Public Schools. She believes that it is critical to place the students in the center of design so that they may find the experience accessible, desirable and valuable. To her, Fab is an innovative forward thinking organization that cultivates an environment where students thrive, and she is grateful to help design that environment. We checked in with Brenda to learn a little more about her ideas for making an impact at FabNewport and PVD Young Makers.


It is imperative for us to learn from each one of our members. How would you describe your journey? 

It’s interesting, before PVDYM, I felt as though my previous work experiences were all over the place. But I have found that PVDYM beautifully brings together my passions and all that I have learned thus far in my professional career. It combines my love for design, teaching, creating, entrepreneurship, equity, discovery, and serving just to name a few. When I describe what I do at PVDYM to loved ones, they unanimously agree that it’s almost like the job was created with me in mind!

What’s your connection with FabNewport? Based on our hands-on learning. How do you see yourself as a maker? 

I was born a maker. Growing up I would take things apart just so that I could try, and often fail, to put them back together. You will always find me creating something with my hands regardless of whether I am at the airport or in a lecture room, there is always a project with me at all times.

What are you bringing to FabNewport? 

My Afro-Latina Caribbean background is something that I am proud to bring to the team. It provides me with a unique perspective and has allowed me the privilege to speak in Spanish to our interns, patrons, and their families. I value my heritage and I believe that in the short time I have been here, it has allowed PVDYM to expand its reach.

What are you looking forward to and hope to see as the future of FabNewport? 

I am looking forward to the relationships I will create and cultivate with my colleagues and students. I hope I am able to leave a lasting impact at PVDYM. 

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