Building Newport County STEAM Capacity

To anyone who follows the news the needs are obvious. The economy is slow; unemployment is high, schools struggle to inspire innovators, students of color and poverty face immense challenges.  What can we do?

FabNewport is growing a network of learning environments.  The goal is to empower youth to build confidence and skills through programming, designing and mastering technology as a creative material. Our program depends on quality coaching, organizational collaboration, and industry support.

Coaching. We know students learn through play. They need time to get comfortable with materials, tools and technology and learners need the support of empathetic coach to clear hurdles. FabNewport’s practice centers on five key components:

  • learning occurs through play and takes time
  • play leads to passion
  • passion leads to purpose
  • a growth mindset is central to success
  • GRIT is necessary for long term success

This supportive environment is critical, especially for students who have not fared well in school. Learners must feel safe. Part of our story is our ability to inspire “non-academic” performers to take responsibility for their learning, to demonstrate grit, and grow towards success.  America is still the land of opportunity, said President Obama in his State of the Union Address, if folks are willing to work hard and take responsibility. Many of our underserved youth lack responsibility and grit. FabNewport can help change the trajectory of youth.

Megan showing off her elephant art.
Megan showing off her elephant art. She drew the picture, scanned it, translated into Inkscape then cut in vinyl.