“This is the coolest festival ever,” said one first grader from Middletown.

What a Maker Faire. Nearly 1500 folks from all walks of life, and all ages, poured into the ground floor of the Florence Gray Center for the greatest little show and tell on earth. It was a positive scene. We had no idea that many people would show up.

Here’s a brief story from an exhibitor:

“I unpacked my car at about noon, one of your neighbors, a woman in her late 40s, stopped to ask if I was part of the FabNewport group, and proceeded to say what a godsend you guys are to the neighborhood and one of the few groups that focus on fun and creativity to engage the kids. She was very exuberant with her praise and stressed how much she, and the kids, appreciate you all.”

We appreciate the neighborhood. FabNewport has a unique opportunity to develop a community fab lab and provide our neighbors in the north end an opportunity to dream, design and make. Soon we expect to roll out an Etsy program for those looking to earn income to pay bills. We are grateful for the support and cooperation of the Newport Housing Authority and the Newport Boys and Girls Clubs. The Housing Authority owns the Florence Gray Center while the Club manages the facility we share with other community service partners. There is much to be done.