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The last post was about the power of prompts, a prompt being a simple phrase or word play designed to inspire making. We witnessed the power Saturday at the Broadway Street Fest. “Make Something you Believe In,” was the prompt and more than 100 folks stopped by our setup outside of Fifth Element and had at it, using glue guns, tape, straws, googly eyes, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, cotton balls and more to fashion their truths. A 5-year-old girl made her mother a happiness battery. There were boats and planes and things that spin. There were shiny things and creations looking like puppets. The most amazing thing, the imagination and stamina of the under 12-year-olds have. They are fearless, need no direction and virtually no support. The only thing I did all was keep the supplies coming and dole out a little burn cream. To the wincing 8-year-old I said, “Now you’ve been burned you are officially on the FabNewport team.” What a beautiful thing it is to liberate the maker intrinsic.

Thanks to all the folks for organizing the Fest, and to Fern, Juniper, Francesca and Velencia for helping us out in the booth. Looking forward to next year.