At FabNewport and in Providence with PVD Young Makers we say we inspire youth to grow their skills and confidence do they can make their lives.

I think we are moving in the right direction in developing a digital platform, the Apprentice Model of Learning, for youth to upload their experiences and earn credentials along pathways of their own design.

I was rereading  John Seely Brown’s piece, Reimagining Libraries for the 21st Century. I love the way Brown talks about moving from Homo Sapiens (knowledge) to Homo Faber (maker) to Homo Ludens (play). Googling this line of thinking landed me on a short video from one of Brown’s colleagues talking about Unlocking the the Passion of the Explorer and a world where workers do more than survive, they thrive. Thriving in the evolving world requires passion, commitment and connecting. Workers, and young people, should feel like they are on a quest.

Seely and his peers have done the research. How can expand on our execution? Would you like to join us on our journey?