FabNewport had an exciting week with our third 3D workshop and the Fish Bike launch in time for Shark Week. Forty attendees enjoyed to Matt Stultz’s technical and philosophical insights on 3D printing. Matt is powerful advocate and a relentless promoter. Check out his PVD3D┬áblog.Image

The Fish Bike looked enough like a shark to capitalize on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week mania. FabNewport is grateful for expert maker Pierce’s Gafgen’s dedication to the fish bike project. Pierce laminated and shaped the wood in addition to solving a variety of technical challenges. Kathy Havey helped with the eyes and make a bunch of runs to the Home Depot and Joanne’s for supplies. I was also fortunate to put about 10 miles on the bike in Newport and another 20 or so riding up the East Bay Bike Path to Providence on Saturday to attend FOO FEST.

[wpvideo jlNbFyGn]