FabNewport building artbots at the Robot Block Party

FabNewport building ArtBots at the Robot Block Party

On April 5th FabNewport exhibited at the Robot Block Party, hosted by the Rhode Island School for the Future.  Everyone who visited our exhibit had the opportunity to build an ArtBot.  With a few simple parts from the dollar store (markers, a pool noodle, and an electric toothbrush) kids and adults of all ages made simple robots that created original works of art.


In a room full of drones, telepresence bots and robot arms worth tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars, it was amazing to see the impact or little ArtBots made.  We were busy from the second we placed a single ArtBot on our canvas at 10:45 until 4:00. Kids as young as 7 built, tested and rebuilt their bots.  One little girl (no older than 8) kept coming back, first to show her friends and then determined to make her ArtBot move in a straight line. 

It is amazing to see what kids (or anyone!) will create when you provide materials, a minimal amount of coaching and an opportunity to play and explore.  See you at next years party.