Dear Friends and Supporters,

We are four months into the pandemic and It’s been nearly two months since George Floyd was murdered. The world has changed and FabNewport has evolved to address the needs of our communities. 

We now run a full slate of programs virtually and in person to serve students across Rhode Island. And who said education couldn’t change? The opportunity is ripe to improve pedagogical practices across the board. Our team, which on any given day includes up to 40 people when you include core staff, the AmeriCorps team, teen interns and volunteers, are pushing hard for learning that puts students in the heart of authentic problem solving.

I am delighted to say three women of color on our team, Ellen Pinnock,  Niko Merritt, and high school student Gabby Brown, led our team through two months of racial equity workshops focusing on a beautiful book, “For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood.” To follow this up we are in an effort to increase understanding across races. FabNewport is pleased to announce our hosting a Zoom Hall conversation between women of color on Thursday evening July 30. Please join us to listen and learn. 

Our equity work with Niko, Ellen and Gabby was a powerful opportunity to listen, learn, and share. The FabNewport and PVD Young Makers team is committed to developing and supporting pedagogical practices emphasizing equity and integration. School must change to serve the needs of our neediest. One of our driving goals is to push for opportunities where youth of color can work on authentic projects starting at a young age in the community so they feel at home in the work world.

We are grateful for your continued support and interest. Please let us know if you’d like to visit or share an idea. We need you.