Fab Friendly Fridays for Friends and Family from 4-8 is my favorite time of the week at FabNewport. You never know who is going to show up, and often we end up with a wonderful mixture of people including locals and those who’ve travelled over two bridges to bring their dreams to life.

Last Friday Niko worked hard to make some game tokens for her Sankofa afterschool program where she is educating youth about local African American History. Niko’s energetic and engaging 4-year-old daughter, Gianna, was occupied by Stephan Sloan of East Greenwich. Stephan made the trip from EG, with his son Bob, 11. Bob cranked out an acrylic press-fit box and along with a custom designed t-shirt to give to his friend Sam for a birthday present.

At FabNewport we love learning and we love to turn people onto new materials and machines and ideas. But what we love the most is growing relationships. Building community by finding a common denominator between folks who otherwise might not cross paths. In our digital crazy era where many of us  we have hundreds of Facebook friends–many of whom we’ve never mets–we must not forget that our most important resource is each other. Come on by and say Hello one of these Fab Friendly Fridays for Friends and Family. Who knows what new friend awaits.

Bob displaying his press-fit acrylic box and custom designed t-shirt. Boxed and ready to go.