We are grateful for your presence at Monday evening’s event. Thank you for your enthusiasm and encouragement.

“You are so much more than a maker space,” said one of the Town Hall attendees. “You are about community engagement, enrichment, and mentorship,” they added.

I agree. The making–learning to use the tools, materials and machines–is where the journey commences for most of our students. These initial experiences in our lab, schools, and libraries provide the fertile ground for fostering the trust which is the heart of our work. From trust, relationships blossom, allowing us to elevate a young person’s interests; the hopes and dreams rarely asked about in school, the ideals that busy, overworked, often single parent families, are challenged to nurture. 

We are thankful for your continued support of FabNewport and look forward to expanding our connection with you. Yes, we are more than a maker space. We run model programs. We catalyze and facilitate powerful partnerships. We articulate bold visions for learning and community. You might say we are a community enrichment incubator recognized for our vision, programs, and partnerships across the state.

Our next phase for growth is to expand our portfolio by deploying our Training & Technical Assistance model. Our Training & Technical Assistance model consists of us educating our partners how to best implement our proprietary practices in their learning environments. 

The desired outcome for our next phase of growth is to build upon the recognized successes we have experienced throughout Rhode Island for the past seven years designing and delivering stimulating methods of engaging and educating youth. Your support is critical to our work.  Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

Steven Heath 

Executive Director & Founder

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