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What is FABx?

FABx is the umbrella entity for FabNewport. It holds the leadership, fundraising, pedagogical, and cultural elements of the organization that our FabNewport programming is rooted in, irrespective of locational nuances. This structure allows our team to remain nimble and responsive to local needs and opportunities while still retaining the foundational components that are building blocks of all our work.

FABx’s mission is to ensure youth have equitable access to the opportunities, resources and relationships so they can thrive today and in the future.

Our vision is that all learners will have the competencies, confidence and commitment to positively impact their communities and live into their positive future visions.

We are committed to growing an equitable, learner-centered ecosystem of learning. Our three-pronged organizational strategy involves running model programs, engaging partners and influencing decision makers.

We serve 700+ middle and high school learners through a variety of school-day, out of school and summer programs.

If you are interested in learning more about our Positive Youth Development strategies that revolve around all youth having the support to realize their Positive Future Visions, email us fabnewport@gmail.com


FABx’s mission is to ensure all youth have equitable access to resources, opportunities, and relationships to thrive now and in the future.

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