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FABx is the umbrella entity for FabNewport and PVD Young Makers. FABx holds the leadership, fundraising, pedagogical, and cultural elements of FabNewport and PVD Young Maker programming irrespective of location. This structure allows our team to remain nimble and responsive to local needs and opportunities while still retaining the foundational components that are building blocks of all our work.

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FABx is committed to growing an equitable, learner-centered ecosystem of learning in Rhode Island. Our three-pronged organizational strategy involves running model programs, engaging partners and influencing decision makers. 
We believe growing equitable, youth centered, ecosystems of learning, as described in Education Reimagined’s Big Idea, present a path to equity.

The vision of FabNewport is that all middle and high school students in Newport will have the skills, confidence and commitment to positively impact their communities and realize their positive future visions by engaging with activities and programs across their communities. We offer a range of year-round programs in school, after school and during the summer.

PVD Young Makers goal is to provide local youth with free and unlimited access to advanced digital tools and a supportive community and grow Providence’s reputation as a design-centric creative capital from the ground up. Free programs run in all 10 Providence public libraries on a rolling schedule of studio time, workshops and classes.

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Given our commitment to connecting more youth to the resources, opportunities and relationships they need to thrive program, FABx needs community support in the form of TIME (volunteers), TALENT (expertise/skills to teach our students), and TREASURE (financial contributions to cover the cost of more students).

Time: FabNewport seeks volunteers interested in supporting outings, guiding student learning, and having fun.

Talent: We are always looking for “experts” with with unique talents to lead, with our support, short or long-term workshops or experiences.

Treasure: Running high quality programs is expensive. Your financial support is critical to supporing our ability to offer transformative programs, collaborate with dozens of partners, and work with decision makers to improve the quality of learning across the region.

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